Frequently Asked Questions

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When do trees need to be trimmed?
  • Are your trees getting to close to your roof?
  • Are your trees obstructing the veiw of your home?
  • Does your tree have a lot of extra growth on it?
  • Is your grass dying around the base of the tree?
  • Does your tree have dead limbs in it?
  • Do you think your tree could with stand strong winds?
  • Does your tree bring beauty to your home?
  • Is your tree touching the utility lines going to your home?
  • Does your drive way have clearance?
If you answered yes to any of these questions please contact a risk tree service professional to come out an analyze your tree and assist you with trimming it proper to maintain its look as well as its health.

How do you know if your tree needs to be removed?
  • Is your tree leaning?
  • Does your tree look dead?
  • Do you have growths at the base of your tree such as mushrooms or fungi?
  • Do you have cracks down the trunk of the tree?
  • Does your tree interfer with your neighbors property?
  • Is your tree losing leaves?
  • Are the exposed roots on top the soil becoming hollow?
  • Is the tree interfering with your home or homes foundation?
If you answered yes to any of these questions please contact a risk tree service professional to analyze your trees situation and help determine if your tree has to be removed.
When is the best time to trim your tree? Any time is good to have your trees trimmed - even in winter. During winter trees are dormant which means they are less susceptible to insects and parasites that may cause them harm.
Is trimming your tree important? Yes! Trimming your trees increases personal safety and improves appearance. In addition, by trimming inner growth you facilitate new and more desirable growth. This is an important process in maintaining health and reducing stress on the tree.  
Will a stump grinder destroy my lawn or landscape? Our stump grinder will cause minimal impact to the lawn and landscape.
Do you dispose of the mulch? Yes, upon request for an additional charge, unless otherwise negotiated in the project.
  Will your stump grinder fit in our back yard?
Our stump grinder can fit in a stadard gate (3 feet or 36 inches).
  Is Risk Tree Service insured? Yes, risk tree service carries a $2,000,000.00 General Liability policy as well as $1,000,000.00  in Workman's Compensation insurance. 
    What is an arborist?
An arborist is a licensed professional that has the knowledge to diagnose, treat, trim, remove, or plant a tree. This person is registered with the state to professionally perform work on trees with in its states requirements.  
  Do I have to be home when you do the job? No! However, we do ask that all vehicles be moved that would interfere with our ability to access the jobsite. In addition, please insure any and all gates needed for access to the property be unlocked. We also would like that all arrangements be made for animals when working in back yards.
  Do you haul away the tree debris?
Yes, we will haul away all debris from the property associated with the work performed by risk tree service.
Frequently Asked Questions